Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet up with a counterpart from DHL SHA

A counterpart of mine happen to come to Malaysia for holidays last end of November and Penang was one of his stops.  So I went to meet up with him and another travel partner of his. Peter is from Shanghai and his travel partner is Catherine from Chengdu(not from DHL). Brought them for dinner and shopping in Gurney Plaza. Very nice people, he even brought me a souvenir from Shanghai EXPO 2010.


My previous meet with DHL counterpart was with Cindy from Guangzhou. We planned a meet up during my last trip to Hong Kong 2008. She also gave me a souvenir for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games. I have nothing happening from Malaysia to give them lo! :(

Anyways, both nice counterparts and Catherine invited me to visit them soon… but I’ve gotta plan for Guangzhou first… haha.. else Cindy will scold me loo.. :P

Oh ya.. just came back from Hong Kong trip last week …yes, Hong Kong again… enjoyed the cold weather and I’m missing it already!!! I felt that I did not shop enough this round.. and i freaking sprained my ankles… bumped into few celebrities… Bosco, Woo Fong, TVB celebrities mainly and Alan Tam in the airport… din manage to take photos with all of them though… photos soon.. i hope… procrastinating again :P

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