Sunday, January 24, 2010

CNY PROJECT: Spent the weekend afternoon making ngaku (arrowroot) chips!

Just came back from HKG a few days back and I’m missing it already… wishing I’m still there enjoying the cold weather, shopping (which i did not do much this round, now i kinda regretted it :( ) and best of all get away from work…

And yes, I’ve been away from blogging for some time and it’s not consistent anymore, thanks to my *#%$&@ JOB, thrown to a new account cos the original “owners” left.. so it’s me alone to battle it all…sheesh…

Anyways, since HKG trip is over, the next thing I’m looking forward most is… CHINESE NEW YEAR! and it’s in less than a month! YAY! more holidays, great food, get to be back home and spend quality time with family… and Valentine’s day falls on the same day too! to the one’s celebrating, happy planning.. time to spend and enjoy the festive season with family, friends and loved ones… must appreciate them bits! After all, if you don’t love them, who else would you love?

Alright, back to my ngaku chips, I was in Jusco when I noticed ngaku (arrow root) was sold at only MYR2.50 per kg. and surprisingly, there’s no one there to berebut wanna buy.. compared to few years back when ngaku craze hit. During that time you see one whole big bunch at the ngaku corner and they buy like the whole trolley of it! The chips are still sold in markets and supermarkets at around MYR13 to MYR15 per medium container, which is so expensive!  

I bought a MYR14 total of ngaku, and I’ve made approximately 8 medium containers! a container itself cost me around MYR 1.30. So if I were to average out, the cost of a container would be around MYR3.50. So imagine the profit they are making!


Ngaku chips are easy to make, seriously… it’s not that tedious also… you buy them home, wash and peel the skin off and then just slice them into hot oil and viola! remove them from the oil and off to the kitchen towel to remove excess oil.. i do it twice, from the wok to the first kitchen towel “station”, shake shake and then to another fresh kitchen towel “station” where i then sprinkle fine salt, and haha… mine is slightly different, i put in garlic powder as well :P  for the extra kick… if you like it with a hint of italian, sprinkle italian herbs in! haha… in fact, you have loadful of choices.. from black pepper, paprika, tomato power, any dried herbs and anything you can find at the spice rack! can experiment all you want! I love my spices and herbs!


End of the day, i’ve got myself 2 big containers, and 4 medium ones… and yes, i tried making the shredded crabstick too. My sis and I actually finished one container already :P and i got her to bring back one for my mom, since also like to makan.. :D  So I’m left with this… enough for CNY i guess… we’ll see if the mood strikes again, I might wanna make more… hehe… coming up… urm.. i might wanna make ribbon kuih (gai dan san) too.. and my pie tee cups! CNY will not go without jiu hoo/mangkuang char.. so the pie tee cups fit the purpose just right :D Actually my sis challenge me to make it la.. so I’m just gonna make it loooo!

Can’t wait for CNY!!!!! 

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