Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Time, Time to Share our Love

Mun and I was initially thinking that since there’s no gift exchange in the office, we should just instead go to a old folks home or the orphanage this year before Christmas. So not knowing where we should head, we went to Jen who is an all time sport when it comes to charity and helping the needy. So decided to join us and we get a few of other colleagues, Kar Wai and Joanne and an ex colleague Mei Hee to follow suit. :D

Jen suggested an orphanage her mom usually go for social work.. guess Jen got that quality from the mother :D So we bought some stationeries and goodies for the kids there and also few senior citizen residing there as well. Can’t really remember the name, Cahaya something, at Permatang Damar Laut, Zon 6, Batu Maung near the Pondok Polis.

Only Mun, Kar Wai and myself manage to make it that morning, cos it’s a weekday morning and 3 of us were on annual leave. When we arrived, there are already many others, a group of Hope Givers, as they called it… there to spend some time with the orphans, to carol and of course to make them happy! These Hope Givers are mainly kids and during the school holidays, hey worked really hard raising fund to get these kids toys, stationeries, and to provide the necessities.  Very noble eh… setting good examples to all… charity begins at home and at young age :D


The home was grateful to have guests coming in to provide and to celebrate with them, they even serve all of us breakfast… they organized games and get them to sit around and sing Christmas songs together..


They came with van-ful or gifts… and it’s very thoughtful of them to visit in prior to chat with the kids, understand their needs and asked them what do they want for Christmas and what do they want to be when they grow up… from there, they will then try their very best to get gifts that suit the respective kids the most… they raised funds by selling cookies and many other stuffs in church, wash cars, clean houses, and loads more. Some of the adults sponsor a kid each… very generous of them…


The girls enjoy taking photographs…. the youngest girl would be Kasturi (the one having her breakfast).. I think she’s 3 or 4, somewhere there… very cute girl with huge eyes and super long eyelashes.. hahaha.. no mascara needed…


Happy kids with their gifts! from board games, to super car with controllers, little bicycles, Nike & Adidas footballs, badminton racquets, doctor & scientist set, and many more….. and that’s Kar Wai, the art teacher.. drawing for the kids with their new stationeries… and mobile phone on the other hand… call from office.. sigh… give us a break laaaaa… call us for what… spoil our day nia… sheesh…


Happy kids, all smiles with their pressies….


Their Christmas tree…. and these 2 are the youngest at the home… Kasturi and if I’m not mistaken, his name is Sakthivel..  so cute…

Collages5-1 Collages6-1Before we bid bye bye, took  group photos with some of the kids… end of the day, you get the satisfaction knowing you’ve done a good deed  by making at least someone happy and gave them the sense of belonging. The amount you spent could not beat the smile on these kids’ and senior citizens’ faces…. simply pricesless…

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