Saturday, December 12, 2009

J.Co Donuts, Queensbay Mall

I’m back after long being missing in action! Have been really busy with work and the internet connection sucks bad time! I have so many posts pending…. sigh..

Anyways, J’Co donuts finally hit Penang’s shore, with their outlet in Queensbay Mall. And at least it’s not like in KL where the line is so long I usually couldn’t be bothered to wait…


Finally got the taste of it and hm.. I prefer it more than Big Apple’s. But I still love Krispy Kreme! Many said it’s sweeter, but I feel that all doughnuts are sweet… which are not? perhaps someone should come out with healthy doughnuts, high fibre, whole meal, wholegrain doughnuts with alfalfa, wheatgrass, vegetable & fruit toppings, low/no sugar! Really one sad doughnut!


We all deserve a little bit of indulgence sometimes. Hehe… Personal favourite would be the one with the almond flake… the doughnut is soft topped with crunchy almond flakes! yum!Collages1-1

Collages-1 Plenty more to try from… they even have some yoghurt ice cream something… can’t recall… haha.. and they have baby doughnuts too!!! will try them next time!