Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Siu Kang Chiu" Dinner with Ecom Duo @ Seoul Garden

The same day (22nd Jan 09 - Thursday) after siu kang lunch with the finance trio, i joined the boys, the ecom duo for another siu kang dinner :D so basically i ate like whole day and siu kang twice :D

Initially there were more of us.. but last minute could not make it... so left three of us.. better still, they boys came and fetch me.. so i don have to drive.. wakakaka.... and we chose Seoul Garden in Gurney Plaza... since it's air conditioned (weather is hot ler) and Sean have been recommending :P Well, selections are wider compared to the my first visit there... and they also have ready cooked food... well, compared to the normal all you can eat restaurants, pretty not bad :)

Ready cooked food, fried noodles, chicken wings, black pepper chicken, some fried fried stuff and papadem

Eating healthy..... vegetables :P

The boys do the cooking, I do the eating :P so gentleman eh.. wakakaka

Sean's stir fry chicken or whatever he calls it..

Little pot with overflowing food :P we took the normal clear soup... they have few other selections with additional MYR5 if you decided you want something different

This year's prop & decorations are more moderate but still pretty...

Chinese drums with pretty paper crafts on it... love the oriental touch.... after all.. it's Chinese New Year!

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