Monday, May 30, 2011

Seaweed Cheese Bread from Continental Bakery

I love bakeries… the aroma of fresh breads, buns, pastries, pretty cakes and desserts! Ahh…and I have one weakness when it comes to bread… I cannot resist soft fluffy breads and buns! Continental bakery offers fresh baked breads daily and it goes off the shelf quite quickly for some. I actually wanted to go get their yummy croissant the other day but there’s none that day! :( After browsing quite a number of selections, I decided to go for the seaweed cheese bread.

P1450765-1 3 fluffy seaweed cheese buns in a pack! Can’t remember how much, it was MYR 4.70 I think.

P1450766-1 I popped it into the oven, heat it a little and yum! Seaweed used is the dried chinese seaweed. This one, where we usually used to cook soup.

P1450767-1 Soft fluffy bun for breakfast with a cup of soy bean milk! Life’s a bliss!

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