Sunday, April 12, 2009

Annabelle’s Place, Tanjung Bungah

Remember I mentioned that there’s another eatery I wanted to go when i had my dinner at Blue Reef? So, this is the one, Annabelle’s Place which is located few shops away from Blue Reef in row of shophouses in Lembah Permai opposite the field side..


Annabelle’s Place is nicely decorated, very English cottage style kind of place.. reminds me of Winter Warmers.. When we went in, we were like the only customer.. so it’s pretty quiet, with some music playing softly in the background… lights were all dimly lit giving you the cozy comfort feel….


Simple menu, with limited food choice, mainly sandwiches and pasta served but with extensive choice of tea, and cakes too… but cakes is also on availability… notice the top photo that the display compartment at counter is empty? we wanted to order Peach Cheese Cake but it was not available.. if I remember correctly, the waitress said the available ones are tiramisu (i’ve read somewhere that it’s good), Opera and something else, and she said it’s good.. hm.. but we were pretty full by the end of the meal, we didn’t try it.. leave it for the next round…. :D


English cream tea set @ MYR 9.90 with any choice of tea from the menu, so i chose the blooming tea… from the flower tea series, if i got it correctly.. since I’ve tried other English tea previously, perhaps something new would be nice… I’m not sure what kind of flower it is but the flower was placed in the tea pot covered with hot water, served with honey and the set comes with scones.. it’s English cream tea set after all… The tea tasted pleasant, not strong and tasted so good with the honey…


Blooming tea in the teapot…


Towards the last cup of my tea, i dug the flower out.. out of curiosity… and also for photo purposes :P


It looked like carnation.. but i’m not really sure what flower is it, and it seems to be tied up with other type of tea leaves perhaps.. haha.. I don’t know.. just guessing…. maybe can ask the owner, Annabelle next time…


I know it’s weird that I had English cream tea with scones during dinner… :P but since i wanted to have tea and the set seems to be inviting… why not… the cute scones came with clotted cream and strawberry jam.. the texture quite different with the one I had in T-Cafe, Cameron Highland(claimed to be the one of the best in Cameron Highlands.. haha..)… the one i had previously is bigger in side, slightly drier and crumbier (I wonder if there is such word.. hahahaha). This one i had here is just different i do not know how to explain… haha… and with raisins, tasted great… If I did not guess wrongly, the lady who might be be Annabelle, who is courteous enough to give some tips on eating scones.. she said, you cut it into half, spread the clotted cream and lotsa strawberry jam! Nice eh… and clotted cream tasted better than whipped cream… most places that serve scones uses whipped cream… even T Cafe :D


Anna Banana @ MYR9.90, something like banana milkshake but thicker…


Honey Lemon @ MYR8.90.. i personally think it’s a lil bit pricey, but not sure if the taste is any different with other honey lemon in the market


Mushroom soup @ MYR7.00.. tasted not bad but i think it would be better is it’s creamier and thicker…


and best friend garlic bread @ MYR6.90



Ocean treasures @ MYR 16.90 consist of 2 cheese baked crab, hash brown pieces and accompanied by fresh salad. Tasted not bad… best eaten right after served while it’s still hot…


Baked chicken with cinnamon and basil paired with fettuccine wrapped in foil @ MYR16.90. With the spices all add in , the flavour and rich taste was like pretty much infused to the chicken piece and the texture was really good, tender, juicy and fresh. The fettuccine however was a little bit hard, i would not say it’s al dente, cause it was firm but not tender. Al dente should be both, tender and firm. My sister went there last month commented the same when we had our makan makan chat.. cause her friend had the same dish too…


Pretty cast iron chairs, i think.. I overheard Annabelle telling a friend who is also dining at the next table that these are imported and the another type of seating outside is more comfortable(different type of chairs)


That “guy” there is Thomas… not sure if it’s family pet but Annabelle said it’s not really hers.. hm.. he’s a Dalmatian cross breed, with huge but cute pointy ears…. and he have big small eyes too.. like Merc E200.. haha.. and overheard from Annabelle as well that he’s a good boy.. around 6 months old and he does not disturb her patrons, but will go and disturb other eateries’ patrons.. hahaha.. cheeky!!


Prettily decorated interiors…


You’ll be greeted by these couple at the door… cute…


View from inside…..


and view from outside… it’s not a big outlet but it’s pretty that i moved around snapping photos… like nobody’s business… muahahaha




Photo session with the Ding siblings…


Last to leave on closing time, guess they were only waiting for us to get the bill.. hahaha… Overall, it was a pleasant visit, I’ll go back for an afternoon tea one day.. or tea session in the evening…


Annabelle’s place is also closed on Mondays, just like the neigbour Blue Reef.. not sure about other eatery.. but i guess I'll not risk going there on Mondays :D, next stop, Mom’s Kitchen Thai cuisine, the food outlet next door ….

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