Monday, July 4, 2011

Nasi Kerabu, Sungai Dua Pasar Malam, Penang

I somehow could not resist nasi kerabu if the stall is set up nicely, with all the dishes freshly laid out, clean  looking, oh so tempting… I drove past this pasar malam(night market) on Saturday,  telling myself if I can manage to find a parking lot, I’ll go down for a stroll cos I wanted to get some fresh vegetables… and when I thought there’s no space to park, I saw one huge empty lot waiting for me.. hehe… fated.. I must go down and see.. have not been to this pasar malam for a while now..

P1480775-1After I bought my vege, and was on the way walking to the car (already managed to resist the temptations of nasi tomato, nasi lemak, nasi campur, ayam percik, laksa kedah) I bump into this stall… i saw those prepacked rice packed like nasi kerabu nasi dagang.. I told myself… let’s just go have a look only… The stall has nasi kerabu, nasi dagang and another 2 listed item I could not remember…

P1480777-1The stall has just been set up, and the dishes has just been nicely laid out… and usually when I go to a nasi kerabu stall, there will be many people, I would just forego but this time, it’s like only me standing there… lost my fight to temptations, I bought myself a pack :P Normal pack is at MYR 3.00, additional dishes of course comes with additional charges… I chose a nice piece of ayam goreng rempah(fried chicken) and the pack cost me MYR 4.50. There were so many other dishes to choose from, fried fish, grilled chicken and many more.P1480802-1 How do I find it, well, not bad.. just as nice as the other nasi kerabu I’ve had.. the rice though has some portion that stuck together , result from too much water perhaps while cooking. Apart from it, it was good… I like my nasi kerabu that comes with the keropok ikan (fish crackers) instead of the colourful keropok.. fried chicken was yummy too…

Nasi Kerabu (not sure of the name)
Sungai Dua Pasar Malam (Road Opposite Tesco Extra)
Every Saturday from 5:30pm onwards to late

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Lynn_Roey^^ said...

Nice one, you found nasi kerabu in Penang, I'm from T'gganu and work in Penang.. Looking for the foods quite sometimes already.. Thx for your sharing.
I will check it out next week. :D

Is penang lang like to eat nasi dagang and nasi kerabu? Just wondering.. :)