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Lek Seafood @ Silom, Bangkok

Having to read a number of blog posts on Lek Seafood and was also recommended by a Thai counterpart,  I made a visit to this dining place recently during my trip to Bangkok. With only 2 person on board this time, I did not manage to try many of the dishes.

So, mental note made, the next round to Bangkok, will ajak more people and it’s gonna be purely makan and shopping trip, no more sight seeing, no more places of interest. It’s gonna be purely stuffing ourselves silly with food and then workout by shopping until pockets koyak.

Lek Seafood offers a pretty extensive menu, from meat to seafood and it is said to be frequently visited by local Thais and their family. This is more of like Thai version of chu char (dai chow). The price is of course cheaper than the fancy restaurants too. It’s pretty much a humble little corner, with perhaps around 9 small square tables in the air conditioned area, and few more tables outdoors.

Menu is very friendly, in both english and thai language, and photos of the dishes too.


Service is good and pretty fast too. First dish was served in less than 10 minutes. Seafood fried rice @ THB80 (MYR8.00) if I remembered it correctly la. Maybe a lil pricey la for a fried rice, portion is not that big but taste wise, it was good.


Tom Yam Goong, serving for 2, I think it was around THB100 (MYR10.00). If serving for 2, they serve you in a bowl. If  bigger portion, they serve you in the typical tom yam goong/steamboat pot.


Tom Yam Goong is seafood tom yam with prawns, squids, fish meat and straw mushrooms. Thai Authentic tom yam tasted a little rich (lemak) compared to what we usually have here in Malaysia where it’s purely tom yam paste with the few main ingredients like lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. This one was okay, quite spicy (you can get them to adjust the spiciness to your liking upon ordering), and more salty that our regular tom yam, which I think it should be it la, cos the last few authentic tom yam goong I had, pretty much tasted the same.


One of my Thai food favourite is the Som Tam (raw papaya salad) @ THB50 (MYR5.00).This one is good and refreshing. With hint of sweet and sourness,  it’s also kinda spicy too! Mr. Friend is not very much used to it so I practically whacked the whole plate myself!


Sizzling hot plate oyster omelets @ around THB120 – 150 (MYR12.00-15.00). I couldn’t really remember how much was it. you get to choose either you have the normal typical oyster omelet that is kinda scrambled together with the big juicy oyster or this type with crispy omelet covering the big juicy oysters on the bed of bean sprouts. Something different. And it’s really crispy! It’s a little bit oily though, but the taste is actually just so so… I would prefer the normal oyster omelets ala scrambled. So maybe I’ll try that next round :D

P1340708-1Beer and alcohol is very cheap in Thailand. A small bottle of Heineken/Asahi/ or any other beer is sold at THB350 to 380 (MYR3.50 to 3.80). It would be nice to have seafood with good friends and bottle up some good beer. But haha… I ordered lime juice instead. more of like sparking like juice (lime juice with soda) I’m not sure how much they charged for this. Dinner totaled up to around THB380 (MYR38). Pretty much cost around the same with some authentic Thai chu char we have in Penang. Some even cheaper here :D

P1340713-1That’s the counter and the kitchen at the back. It’s an open air kitchen and you could smell grilled seafood from the stairways up and down to/from the BTS station. I’ll surely go back to try the seafood next round.


Lek Sefood is conveniently accessible thru the Chong Nongsi BTS station. If you are not sure of which exit to take, it’s the left exit once you come out from the sky train and the staffs at the BTS counter is more than glad to guide you.

Lek Seafood
156 Soi Phiphat, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road, Silom, Bangkok
Below the Chong Nonsi Skytrain Platform
Contact ☎ (02) 636-6460, 636-6054

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