Sunday, February 3, 2008

I need a new pair of glasses..

My vision is getting bad.. even with the current glasses on, it's not helping much especially when i'm driving at night... even now, anyone who stand like 5 metres away from me, i can see only the face.. with blurry features.. oh tidak....... i met few friends at gurney today.. they were waving fractically and i looked at them like some crazy ppl.. until they call my name out loud.. haha.. well.. i can still see and feel that that someone is so familiar, but without a better vision, i dare not wave back.. manatau later wave and wave, wrong ppl.. pai seh laaa.... so people, if you happen to see me anywhere but i din say hi or wave hello... it's not that i'm lansi... it's just me without my second set of eyes...

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