Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At home with our doggies, Jacky aka Kie Kie & Rover

While at home, although nothing much to do during CNY, most of the time stayed at home, spending quality time with family, of course the 2 furkids in the family was not neglected... Introducing Jacky (also known as Kie Kie, Cody, Cocody, Tham Jiak Bin, etc), my 3 years old crossed Shih Tzu-Pekingese and Rover, our 4 year old Golden Retriever. too bad both of them cannot mix together.. Kie Kie loves to bully Rover... so we have to separate them..although Kie Kie will try many ways to escape just to go bully and harass Rover.. i sometimes suspect Little Kie Kie is gay.. muahahaha

Took lots of photos.. here's some compiled each other.. it should look better individually, but just wanna save space... else this blog will be too packed with photos...


Here's Kie Kie with his jumping stunts at the area opposite my home... haha... cute leh... wakakaka.. look at that Wolverine hairstyle... he fell in the drain once... kesian eh.. luckily didn't hurt himself.. somemore can run and made me chase him the whole lorong screaming at him asking him to stop and turn back.. my neighbours must have thought what is this siao char bo doing.... :P testing my stamina this si gi na....


Cam-Whoring Kie Kie.. the opposite of Rover.. Rover hates the camera....



5 The funniest shot of the day... he's like some mutated doggy or some crazy cat.. muahaha.. I just cannot stop laughing looking at this photo...



8 although he hates the camera, managed to pujuk him take some photos with the help of my bro... too bad it was dusk that time.. getting dark and due to the flash.. look at his eyes... and me lazy wanna fix and edit the eyes.. muahahaha..

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