Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Goodies...


Well, it's the time again where the Chinese community at their busiest time, preparing for CNY. It is also the time where we give each other goodies, hampers, etc somehow for many reasons. Myself, I've only prepared 2 goodie bags, one share with my colleague for one of my manager as a gratitude and with thanks for all he have done for us, also because he is leaving the company for a better opportunity given. We wish him all the best! Then I prepared another one for my manager, also to thank her for all the opportunities given.

Time to celebrate!! Have a Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Have a wonderful reunion with loved ones, most importantly, FAMILY! For all drivers, drive safe and kids, don't play with fireworks..(without adult's supervision. teeheehee.. what's CNY without fireworks and firecrackers!)

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