Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner @ Passions of Kerala / Innira's and chit chat outing 18th Feb 08

Well, initially we wanted to go Kek Lok Si for photo taking frenzy since they gonna take all the pretty lights off after Chap Goh Meh. But all of us were too tired and lazy after work, we changed plan to just go for dinner and chit chat. Thinking of what's for dinner is another headache... in fact, going out for lunch everyday is a headache... :P everyone can't decide where to eat... We went to fetch Ah Goh, and suddenly thought of the banana leave place nearby... we had dinner there once, 2 years back... here Those were the times... there were 4 of us... But now En is in the States... I hope you're missing us there girl...

The name of the place is Passions of Kerala... It's somewhere Gelugor/Minden/Tmn Brown area.. haha... Price wise, pretty okay.. but I think you can get cheaper ones at Little India area...

It comes with basic set, plain rice and 4 side vegetarian dish with papedems, refillable,served on banana leaves. The sides I think they change everyday.. everytime go also different sides... the extra order dishes.. we ordered the same what we previously ordered.. chicken masala, deep fried squid and deep friend ladies fingers... and orange lassi.. it was thick enough that we keep on adding ice... but unfortunately one orange lassi was not enough.. we need ice water.. it's like more spicy than the other times i went to eat there... spicy until we can close out mouth.. sweat rolling down out our foreheads... sniffing back the-flowing-you-know-what that's escaping from our nostrils... very near to teary eyes... muahahah.. but it was yummy... bill came RM 42 for 3 pax..


LB went to Cameron over that weekend, and came back with strawberries and cherry tomatoes..



We finished dinner pretty late... last customer to leave... so decided to go over Goh's place to just chit chat.... sat at the poolside and since there's no one, we had cam whoring session since did not manage to go to Kek Lok Si this year.. It's a nice place there and good thing it's windy too.. we ended up jumping in the pool also.. well.. of course only to the level of our knees la... Looking forward for the next outing... hopefully with more people....





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