Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arrowhead chips..a.k.a ngaku

After "pia" with all the aunties and uncles at tesco a week plus back.. last last weekend... in tesco, both me with my sis... choosing the big sized fresh arrowhead.. haha.. not very fresh la.. imported from china... how fresh can it be... we bought home one whole big bag of arrow head a.k.a "ngaku". My sis was supposed to prepare everything the next day...but when i reached home after work.. around 8 that time.. she was in her room watching One Million Star... and she only peeled of the arrowheads skin... she said she peeled her finger's skin.. sakit.. so now i have to finish whatever she have left in the kitchen.... what to do... have to ler... keke.. in the end.. completed everything with 2 big jar of ngaku chips... now left 3/4 jar only... CNY oso belum.. wanna habis d :P

It's not easy to make this chips.. no wonder they are selling so expensive for one jar outside... peeling the skins off is a hassle... frying it was not an easy task... how nice if i can throw the whole bunch in the hot oil... but they'll stick together.. so u have to be fast throw slice by slice to the hot oil at the same time very fast turn the earlier ones over as they turn dark very fast in the hot oil... have to multi task... else u'll get burned chips! wasted... keke...

Crispy ngaku chips!

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