Monday, September 26, 2011

Spicy Pork Soup – My Grandma’s Recipe!

My cousin sister who lived downstairs cooked spicy pork soup the some time ago and told me it’s my grandma’s recipe… they all stayed with grandma that time so they get to taste more of her cooking :D So I went back and asked my mom about this dish and I only need to mention few key words, pork and spicy soup, immediately my mom can describe the whole dish..  indeed, it’s a recipe of my grandma’s..

P1500696-1 To continue the dish to the next generation, I think I wanna learn this one day.. this one that my cousins sis cooked is super spicy… haha… can sembur api from the mouth after eating it.. haha.. what makes this dish so fragrant is the kaffir lime leaves..

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Lynn_Roey^^ said...

Have you try Pau at bukit baru, melacca? If u try, u will try more!! :P