Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baba Cendol and Durian Cendol - Jonker Dessert 88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Malacca

Another must have in Malacca is the cendol… There are many shops and stalls selling cendol but Jonker 88 is one of the most favourite among tourist especially…


Located in the middle of Jonker Street, it’s easy to spot. It is museum cafe..

P1510162-1 Cendol is the best thing to have during the hot sunny day…. They in fact have a lot to offer in the menu, but we decided to go with the basic baba cendol and also the durian cendol… i initially thought durian cendol comes with durian flesh… hahaha.. anyways, cendol and other condiments are topped with shaved ice and thick gula melaka(palm sugar in the big pot).. and some coconut milk.. or was it evaporated milk?.. durian cendol also contain the same ingredient, but with extra durian syrup/sauce in the rectangle container. It’s self service there, where you place your order, pay and bring your own order to your table..


This is the regular baba cendol MYR2.00…. taste nice with the thick gula melaka…

P1510169-1This is the durian cendol, MYR 3.00…  would taste better with more durian syrup.. the syrup actually taste like those durian dodol/cake. besides the delectable desserts, they also have curry laksa, yong tau fu, rojak and few other dishes to offer.. too bad we were still full from the chicken rice meal…

P1510172-1 The place is air conditioned, very comfortable and offers quite a number of seats to cater their patrons.

I guess I will need to go back again to try more of the dishes offered as i read that the curry/nyonya laksa is good… hmmm… and I wanna have the durian cendol again, with more durian syrup next round..

Jonker Dessert 88 (website here)
88, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka