Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bar-B-Q Plaza, Gurney Plaza


Bar-B-Q Plaza has been opened for some time but I have not actually made an effort to pay them a visit… but I did question myself also, why did I not go to any of the branches I came across when I was holidaying in Bangkok? Bar-B-Q Plaza is a Thai based company, you will see its advertisement at the front of the restaurants and also in the skytrains…


It’s a Mongolian/Japanese style barbeque whereby the barbeque pan has both grilling and broth part surrounding the grill. Broth supplied is actually just plain water (I thought it was supposed to be some broth), whereby the sweetness will come from the meat, vegetable and seafood.


Then there’s supply of garlic, cili padi, lime for dipping purposes.. along with the barbeque sauce.. Then there’s pork lard and fat for grilling… to oil the grill so the meat does not stick.. the garlic and the cili padi are very pathetically dry! It’s like they have been chopped and left for few days… dry and even start to turn a bit black… *shakes head*


The utensils are very simple and basic.. nothing fancy… that dragon mascot there is called Bar B Gon.


Just simply mix everything up like how I use to mix for my bak kut teh…


Anyways, how did i end myself there? It started from the voucher I bought form everyday… they have a promotion for Supreme pork/beef set for MYR18.50nett only. Normal price is MYR31.90 ++. So I thought since it’s a good deal, why not :D So we went for the pork set.. The set came with a generous amount of good looking pork slices, chicken meat, bacon, some seafood like swid and shrimp, udon noodles, and vegetables… a lot of cabbage strips which were very dry and not fresh too…


Yummy looking porky!


So everything goes to the grill!


We were recommended the garlic rice, claimed that it’s a favourite compared to white rice… well, i thought it was going to be like those Japanese garlic rice… well, it’s not.. it’s basically just like our regular home fried rice topped with fried garlic… and it’s like freid rice that has been mass fried and kept aside.. whenever there’s order, they’ll just scoop and serve it cos it’s not exactly that hot too…


Everything kinda all over.. we are amateurs… so still not skilled into grilling and cooking it in nice pretty arrangement :P


With the promotion, we get to order selected sides for half price so we tried a couple of them.. one of it is Som Tam with soft shell crab, normal price MYR 8.90++. It was spicy.. just okay.. but also like those that has been prepared in prior… cos the papaya strips were kinda soft and soggy already… and the soft shell crabs were also very oily.. I believe was also prepared in prior… presentation was good, but overall was just not that good…


Did not taste as good as it looks… som tam is one of my favourite Thai fares.. so this one did not meet the expectation…


We also ordered Shioyaki Squid, normal price MYR8.90++. Also nicely presented but did not taste as good as it looks… i think also those prepared in prior… cos it’s not hot when served…



Part of the menu… they actually have a lot of sets and dishes to choose from… but am not sure if it’s good or not since i have not so good experience with the dried and not fresh garlic, cili padi and cabbages, the garlic rice and the 2 sides… hmm… I should go try the one in Bangkok one day… need to know if this is of same quality… But looking at some of the reviews by those who have tried in Gurney Plaza, everything seems fine… so, has the service deteriorated? Or I’m just being unlucky being served with not so fresh items…on the bright side, the fresh meat was good though…

Bar-B-Q Plaza
Basement 1, Gurney Plaza,

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