Monday, September 26, 2011

Ah Pai Nasi Lemak, Jalan Petri, Sungai Petani

Ah Pai Nasi lemak has been operating for many many years, just right next to Hotel Duta and the taxi station. The nasi lemak used to be only MYR0.50 for a small pack… but price did increse over the years and it’s now MYR1.00 per pack, slightly bigger pack. Back then when it was still at a smaller pack at 50cents, it used to be a place where few of my friends used to challenge each other on who can eat the most nasi lemak, and end of the day winner eats for free while the others share to foot his bill!

Opens from late evening to the wee hours, it used to be a hangout/supper place for many.. There weren’t many mamak stalls or nasi kandar back then. So it’s a nasi lemak place where people will hangout and have coffee talk.

Packs of nasi lemak is being placed at each tables, and it comes with variety of nasi lemak…  they have the basic ikan bilis nasi lemak, telur nasi lemak, ikan nasi lemak, udang nasi lemak, sotong nasi lemak and  ayam (chicken) nasi lemak.  it’s basically nasi lemak with different condiments/contents. All packs are being labelled with alphabets to ease the patron in recognizing their favourite pack of nasi lemak… my favourite is labeled with an “A” for Ayam (chicken).



Various types of nasi lemak.. they do not make their own nasi lemak… they have the Malay suppliers delivering the nasi lemak to them right before they start for business while they operate the drinks stall… so it explains the different packing and it’s  it’s a halal place…

P1500608-1 Ayam nasi lemak, labeled as (A) on the pack. It’s not the regular nasi lemak with red sambal.. it’s a more tone down, milder nasi lemak, not too spicy but yummy… it goes out of stock early too sometimes.. but if you don’t see your favourite pack any at the table you are sitting, you can just check out at other tables or just request from them and they will replenish it for you, unless they are out of it.


Sotong (squid) nasi lemak, labeled (S) on the pack.. comes in a combo with both sotong and some fried ikan bilis (anchovies)..

P1500626-1Udang (prawn/shrimp) nasi lemak, labeled (U) omn the pack.. spicy and flavourful….

P1500644-1 Ikan nasi lemak, labeled (I) is also a combo if fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and fried ikan kembong…

P1500654-1Also not forgetting the most basic and common nasi lemak, the ikan bilis (fried crispy anchovies) nasi lemak with sambal…. wrapped with banana leaves for that extra oopmh!  Missed out the Telur (hard boiled egg) nasi lemak though…

Until today, business is still a brisk, and my cousin’s husband will need his fix each and every time they are back in SP.

Nasi Lemak Ah Pai
Jalan Petri (Next to Hotel Duta)
Open 9.30pm-2am. Days off not fixed.


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