Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lai Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ BB Cafe near Sunshine, Bayan Baru


Another nearby bak kut teh spot at Bayan Lepas/Baru area that serves a not bad bak kut teh whenever there’s craving attack…  The bak kut teh stall only operates in the evening from 5:00pm to 11pm. But sometimes it runs out early… I went once at around 8 plus and they are sold out! No more bak kut teh oredi! :(


The stall is situated at the side of the BB cafe which is open in the morning to late afternoon only, so soon after the coffee shop is closed for the day, they make way for this bak kut teh stall.


Bak kut teh served in claypot, piping hot and still boiling when it it served! So, be careful! Bak kut teh is served with combination of pork (different parts of the meat), spare parts (as in innards/ internal organs), mushrooms, pork meatballs, curd sheets, beancurd and enoki mushrooms (kim chiam kor in hokkien) is available upon request and chargeable. You can also request on whichever ingredients you wish to have more/not to have it at all. All served in a yummy flavoursome herbal broth.

P1500354-1 Yau char kway… chinese crullers pieces…

P1500356-1Must have garlic and cili padi combo with thick soya sauce…  and yes, I am suddenly eating a lot of cili padi.. I usually don’t.. sign of aging-changes in taste bud…

P1500369-1Blanched iceberg lettuce, with soy sauce and topped with dried meat floss… we called this dish “eu chai” as in oily vegetables… this is a regular normal vege dish served to accompany the bak kut teh… besides that, they also have fried bean curd, topped with kerabu-like vegetables (cucumber, onion and carrot thin strips) and Thai chili sauce…..


Banyak orang ohhh!

Lai Xiang Bak Kut Teh
At the side of BB Café (Corner lot of the shop houses behind Suntech)
Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,
11950 Bayan Baru, Penang

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