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側田 (Justin Lo) - 情歌 (Ching Goh - Love Song)

为了爱我真受够伤 但有过爱的分享
wai liu ngoi ngoh jang sau gau seung daan yau gwoh ngoi dik fun heung
I’ve suffered enough for love, but have had the experience of love

为了每次打败仗 我哭得最响
wai liu mui chi da baai jeung ngoh hook dak jui heung
I cry the loudest every time I lose a battle

没有博爱的技俩 有几好亦自量
moot yau bok ngoi dik gei leung yau gei ho yik ji leung
Don’t have the talent to risk for love, (I) know my limits

不去用脑想 牵挂又会有几伤
but hui yung no seung hin gwa yau wooi yau gei seung
Don’t need to think hard, longing will just cause more pain

*听遍最浪漫缠绵的歌 听几多次也落泪的歌
*ting pin jui long maan chin min dik goh ting gei doh chi ya lok lui dik goh
Listening once more to the most romantic song about entanglement, a song that makes me cry no matter how many times I listen to it

我才明爱恨因果 懂得心痛要恭贺
ngoh choi ming ngoi han yan gwoh dung dak sum tung yiu gung hoh
Only then do I understand the causes and effects of love and hate, understand that heartbreak should be celebrated

兴奋妒忌苦恼怨恨完全凭心魔 然而无论有几多爱错
hing fun do gei foo no yuen han yuen chuen pan sum moh yin yi mo leun yau gei doh ngoi choh
Excitement, jealousy, worry, hate—all caused by the evil in our hearts; no matter how many times love is wrong

那纪念属我 开心比苦恼多*
na gei nim sook ngoh hoi sum bei foo no doh*
That memory belongs to me, happiness outweighing pain

#kei sak seung sum do bat gwoh wai ngoi (sui yau dung dak ngoi)
Actually, heartbreak is caused by none other than love

tung yeung ji wook dak hoi sum kaau ngoi (yue faai dik yi ngoi)
Simultaneously, in order to live happily, we depend on love

情像一首歌 可一总可再
ching jeung yat sau goh hoh yat jung hoh joi
Feelings are like a song, but always, time and again

失恋后幸运在能重头恋爱 付出过伟大到放开#
sak luen hau han wan joi nang chung tau luen ngoi foo cheuk gwoh wai daai do fong hoi#
After losing love, can fortunately start over again with love, able to let go of all the sacrifices we gave

moot yau dak do ho bo bat fooi goi
Don’t understand regret without attaining a positive return

@ming baak ngoh sun sei do ya wai ngoi (chuen mong yik kau ngoi)
Understanding that I put my life on the line for love (existence dependent on love)

saan yuek dak wai liu yat lup sa gum koi (seung luen yiu hong koi)
Starving to attain only a grain of affection (love needs to be healthy)

人存在世上 若要悲壮过 便投入爱海 没有害@
yan chuen joi sai seung yuek yiu bei jong gwoh bin tau yap ngoi hoi moot yau hoi@
If man’s existence in this world is passed painfully, there’s no harm in falling into love

怕接触痛苦 白过都活该 谁亦未信 首先相信爱
pa jip jook tung foo baat gwoh do wook goi sui yik mei seun sau sin seung seun ngoi
Scared that contact will cause pain, wasting the opportunity (is own fault). If you don’t believe anyone yet, first believe in love



moot yau dak do ho bo bin fun hoi
Haven’t received a positive return, already separated

知不知错 亦但求被爱
ji bat ji choh yik daan kau bei ngoi
Whether we acknowledge right from wrong, all we ask is to be loved

苦恋的 大概与某个他比赛
foo luen dik daai koi yue mau goh ta bei choi
Painful love, like competing with another “him”

单恋的 设法参透怎去活到死也要恋爱
daan luen dik chit faak sum tau hui wook do sei ya yiu luen ngoi
Unrequited love, If cannot understand, how (will I) love from now until death


yik sing goo daan yat goh moot luen ngoi
Still beats loneliness—one without love


pa jip jook tung foo (tung faai dik tung foo) wai chuen pa fum hoi
Scared that contact will cause pain (happy pain), because scared to separate

谁亦未信 首先相信爱
sui yik mei seun sau sin seung seun ngoi
Haven’t believed anyone yet, first believe in love

听遍世上勾引眼泪能迷魂的歌 缠绵华丽已经绑架我
ting pin sai seung ngau yan ngaan lui mai wan dik goh chin min wa lai yi ging bong ga ngoh
Listening again to the song that can draw tears and absorb your soul. Confusion and beauty have captured me

美化了我 眼泪算得甚么
mei fa liu ngoh ngaan lui suen dak sum moh
Beautified me. What are these tears in comparison?

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