Friday, August 14, 2009


I've just finished watching Bambino! a couple of weeks back.. a short Japanese drama.. only 11 episodes... but I liked it a lot.. I saw this last year in artist gallery while my colleagues shop for CDs... but never get to know the name until my sis told me she has this japanese drama about italian restaurant thingy.. Immediately it hit my mind.. i wanna watch it!!! i finished the series in 2 nights, on weekdays sacrificing my sleep.. muahahaha... Actually pretty outdated d.. this drama was actually released like 2 years back in 2007.. wakakaka...

The video is the opening theme song, We Can Make it by Arashi. (original MTV available in youtube :D) Love it! The main actor who who plays Ban Shogo/Bambi is also one of Arashi member (Matsumoto Jun). He is also one of the main actor in Japanese Meteor Garden (Hana Yori Dango).. Bambino! also adapted from a popular comic.. well, most japanese drama's are adapted from their comics aren't they?

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