Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bat Kut Teh, Macalister Road Penang

I initially wanted to go back to the Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh opposite Agora (now known as Red Rock) Hotel. I did notice there’s a change to that place though when drove pass the corner lot coffee shop… so i walked along and saw Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh the the next door, peeped in and see.. hm.. it’s not the same bak kut teh couple… walked to the original place, also named Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh, took another peep… aiks… another different one! not the original one that I used to patronized… sheesh.. where have they gone to… seriously, until now, I don’t know :(

But settled down at the shop also la… cis… how come all claiming they are Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh… it had turned into a small food court instead now… previously, the place is fully the bak kut teh place with huge stock pots and all the piggy parts you can find, in and out :D


Garlic, cili padi (birds eye chili) and dark soy sauce, is a must dipping for bak kut teh :D


Same goes to yau char kway (you tiao, also known as Chinese cruller fried bread stick)


Blanched iceberg lettuce with pork floss and soy sauce….


Not forgetting, the bak kut teh itself… this stall does not have much ingredients to choose from…. so it’s like the normal bak kut teh where they mix everything for you…. instead of the original Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh where I choose what ingredients I want to have… Anyhow, the one here is also not bad… presentation wise also, it actually look nice, taste also not bad la…


Accompanied by yam rice :D


Complete meal… everything is there.. rice, vege, meat…all in….


Overall meal for 2 cost somewhere MYR 19 something…. pretty standard with others, that cost between MYR 18 to MYR22 for 2 person.

But I'm still curious… where has my preferred bak kut teh gone to?? :(


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goh, one day we go eat bak kut teh ok :D