Sunday, August 23, 2009

BBQ by the beach on a Sunday afternoon~

Had a BBQ outing with few of my colleagues last Sunday…. it was initially like a few of us (when i say a few, i’m saying like at least 5 to 6 ppl la…) but ended up with less than few, only 3 of us, the initial planner for the picnic :D so we called up another colleague to join us since there’s lotsa food… well, it was pretty cloudy that day at Bayan Lepas area but we proceeded to the beach (Tanjung Bungah) as planned, it was sunny there!

pic site

Laid the mats and start the fire :D

busy at work

The ladies getting busy, since I prepared all the stuffs, they have to start the fire.. muahahahaha…


Well it eventually started to drizzle, and rained a little bit it did not stop us… one of the colleague turned back cos when he was on it’s way it rained.. thinking that we also might have gone back.. another colleague we invited also sms-ed and asked us to “go home laaa” but we’re totally positive it’s gonna stop! so i went to grab my umbrellas… lucky all the huge ones are available… and we still continue to bbq ignoring the rain :D it it did finally stopped!!!


Prawn and squid skewers and cheese cocktail skewers i prepared form home in the morning….


Yummy yummy.. everything turned out great :D


Chicken and corn too, were delicious :D.. and one container of fried bee hoon..


This doggie is simply one of the cutest and cheekiest! Her name is Kylie… another 2 friends of hers name Jessie (looks like a poodle), also darn cute and a boxer, don’t know her name… running and playing on the beach with their owners.. they belonged to an Caucasian family….. the last time i was there i met the lady with the same boxer too… she’s the mother of the boxer’s owner… they stay next to each other…

me n branda

Photo sessions…. by the beach towards the evening… with sea breeze…hmm.. nice!


Snap snap snap….

playing by the beach

Playing under the hot sun… no wonder everyone was pretty much baked to perfection!

playing by the beach1  relax

Chilling out… we got a good spot under the tree.. which help us to at leave cover from the rain a lil and of course the sun!


Cloudy day which eventually turned to a sunny Sunday afternoon! Well, the moment we packed everything in the car and drove off, it started to rain again…. haha.. so weather have been treating us good that day… took the rain away for the afternoon and let us enjoy for a while at least :D

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