Saturday, November 20, 2010

Potluck at work on a Happy Friday!

Oh well, I’ve been away and MIA again for some time and I’m back.. have been busy and did not really reward myself on eating sprees lately… and though I have some pending stuffs I have to blog with, was pretty tied up with work and stuffs…

Oh well, so we organized another potluck yesterday at work, it has been a while since our last one, and this round we involved the whole floor including the commercial team, and glad that everyone joined in the makan fun this round :) It was a success and yes, again with whole lot of food!!

NOV 20101

2 types of fried bee hoon, on the left is very appetizing tom yam fried bee hoon from Teddy, enough to feed 50 people i think… haha… and on the right is by our very own IDM, fried bee hoon ala Alex Lee… which was surprisingly good! First time having fried bee hoon with tuna chunks.. Thumbs up!

*bee hoon = rice vermicelli

Collages Clockwise, KFC from Kalaa and Allan, delicious cheese mussels by Eric,  yummy deep fried shitake mushrooms by Alex Seow and my garden pasta salad :)


Well, fast food is surely to be around at any occasions, KFC and also domino’s pizza from Irene.


Then we have nasi himpit from Maznah, with chicken rendang from Suraya, Sha helped her to cook because she was not well, and also chicken curry and roti jala from Sha. She made both the rendang and curry, and ordered the roti jala from her cousin sis.. all were very very good!

Collages1   Then we have jelly with selasih seeds from Justin, cream puffs from Si Mun, ban chang kuih and apom from Lean, egg sandwiches from Jennifer, bread sushi rolls which was cute and yummy too from Adeline.. I think she ordered from someone, saw the name card sticker on the box (Sin Ka Oon 04-8282062 in Air Itam.. need to check with Adeline to double confirm.. kekeke)… next time can make the order too cos it’s sedap! And also very sedap curry puffs from Eliezer and Reetha… everyone agreed that it’s really good… it’s from Kampung Kastam somewhere in Gelugor… with generous filling of chicken piece!

Collages4Kara brought fruit tarts and Ayu made this refreshing fruit truffles, with layer of coffee cake below, with pudding later next, then the fruit cocktails jelly layer, followed by another layer of konyaku jelly..  Served with vanilla ice cream scoops and evaporated milk… also very nice!

P1400549-1This round, we had variety of food, everyone was stuffed silly from the time feast started at 12:00noon to 5:00pm. We even invited the operations folks to join in the feast…  cos it’s just too much food! Even with that, we have to tar pao leftovers…

P1400558-1 Our buffet spread!


Also not photographed individually, cos there we just too many things only when I checked my camera,  I noticed I missed out taking their photos are Kar Wai’s party sausages, Reetha’s muruku, Joe’s nyonya kuihs, Adrian’s mat kool ice creams and his sesat (lost) cream crackers!


It was fun, and also good, cos our office it not that big and we actually get to all sit together and enjoy food each other have made and brought, talk about anything except work for that one hour and laugh really hard at each other’s jokes…

P1400569-1  Adrian checking out the food! while other look on waiting for the party to get started!

P1400580-1  Everybody, dig in!!!

P1400588-1Nom nom nom nom…….

P1400590-1Our next session will be next month, Christmas gift exchange and makan makan… can’t wait! And there you go…. more pot luck ideas :P

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