Sunday, November 21, 2010

Penang Fruits Rojak Cucuk, Butterworth

Rojak cucuk simply means fruits in skewers, kebab like and to be dipped in rojak sauce (The dressing is made up of water, belacan (shrimp paste), sugar, chili, and lime juice. Ingredients vary among vendors with some also using hae ko prawn/shrimp paste, tamarind or black bean paste in the mix-Wiki)

We used to have this kind of stall in my hometown SP too, not sure if it’s still there.. This is the one in Butterworth, along Jalan Bagan Luar, right opposite Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Seberang Perai Utara. I used to patronize this stall whenever I’m in Butterworth, sometimes I just tar pao home… also because of hygiene purposes…

P1400380-1 There were a lot of patrons that day… and i noticed that the price is now MYR0.40 per stick.. the last time I bought from this stall, it was only MYR 0.30 per stick… guess I have not been there for a while now…

P1400382-1 Varies from different types of fruits, young mangoes, jambu air, turnips, pineapples, guavas, carrots, star fruits, cucumbers, umbras, cuttle fish, deep fried bean curds, deep fried fish balls, and also hard boiled quail eggs. All are cut into mouth sized and skewered. 2 huge bowls of rojak sauce on each side of the stalls, one regular and another one spicier, with a lot of crushed fragrant toasted peanuts. So everyone share the same 4 bowls of rojak sauce.

I was having my second stick there when I saw this girl, dipping her quail eggs into the bowl of sauce after “bathing” it with saliva in her mouth! So I decided to take away after that… drinks are also sold, from boxed drinks, to the ones served in metal cups, orange cordial or grass jelly drink, also known as leong fun/liangfen. You can tar pao it home and they of course five your fresh new rojak sauce with crushed toasted peanuts separately. You even get to choose how spicy you want it, they’ll mix it for you.

P1400383-1 The stall is right opposite this Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Seberang Perai Utara

P1400385-1 It used to be the only stall selling this rojak, then another stall opened few metres away,a nd now, there’s like 3 to 4 stalls selling the same thing… this particular stall however, is always having good business…


My dinner that day, these are usually my typical choices… washed them with cold water before serving…

P1400416 Poured the sauce and topped with with lotsa crushed toasted peanuts! Yummy!

P1400427-1 This is how you eat it at the comfort of your own home… you can do it like other regular rojak too, removed all from the skewers, mix everything in a bowl and pour the sauce over and top it with the peanuts! At any ways, it’s still gonna be delicious!

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