Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nothing beats food from home….

Few weeks back when my dad was actually doing prayers at home with food offerings for my grandpa’s death anniversary, he cooked up a storm and mom made my sis bring back the food the next day for me and my bro’s dinner.

So I arrived home, and saw tiffin carrier on the table (dad cooked), few containers of home made raisin buns (sis made), brownies-like walnut cakes (dad made), and home made bengkang kuih (mom made). It’s like home cook feast! I went to bathe immediately cos I was already salivating when I opened the tiffin carrier to check out what is inside!

Then I laid everything out on the table… Scoop out the rice which is still hot from the vacuum container and start feasting!


There’s dry pork ribs curry….


Somewhat like inchee kebin fried chicken…


Stir fried assorted mushrooms….

P1400070-1Deep fried marinated pork slices with caramelized onions …


Stir fried potatoes, peas, carrots, prawns, chilies and pork…


Dad cooked all this…

P1400088-1 P1400090-1

It’s so yummy even Codie boy wants it… and I actually noticed that the tiffin carrier is a little bit cold, but I thought it’s because my sis drove all the way from SP and the food was in the car, so I thought it’s because of the aircond.. and because the rice was hot, and I was so hungry, I did not bother to heat up the dishes… only the rice and the potatoes are still hot cos mom put in in the vacuum container. Sis was not home, cos she came back to drop off the food and went out dinner with her colleagues…

But just right after finishing my meal, she came back and noticed I ate directly from the tiffin carrier… So she asked if I heated the dishes up… I said no, and then only she told me, all dishes from the tiffin carrier are actually out directly from the fridge! Mom packed everything the night before… but oh well, they were all heated up in my tummy by the time she told me… Then bro came back and i told him, the dishes are not heated up and it’s out from the fridge.. he was too hungry he did not bother either… and walloped everything up there and then.. did not even change or bathe first…  haha.. that’s the power of home cook meals… you just want to eat it now!!

P1400098 Sis’s raisin buns…

P1400103-1 Mom’s kuih bengkang and dad’s walnut cake… both also very sedap!

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