Monday, August 22, 2011

Burmah Road Wan Tan Mee (Tok Tok Mee), Penang

I will not say that this is the best wan tan mee, but it is definite one of the nicest ones.. It is not your regular darker soy sauce wan tan mee (noodles)… It has light colour gravy, a little starchy due to the noodles.. there are of course 2 versions, the dry and the soup one… but I have always prefer my wan tan mee, dry.


The wan tan mee is topped with the basic wan tan mee condiments, char siu which are not all that great, vegetables (sawi), wan tan (wantons) of course, and due to out of the pickled chilies and no sambal available, I had it with cili padi (bird’s eye chili) instead.


It’s somehow taste very pleasant, not the usually salty ones and the noodles are springy. It actually tasted a little better the last time I had it… and it was years back… but frankly speaking, I don’t know what was missing…


Uncle was busy at work preparing bowls of noodles… he is assisted by his wife and another helper. Not sure if she’s a family member or not. Not many tables available, there are a few placed at the corridor of the shop houses and a couple of tables at the side of the stall. You can share tables with any strangers if you don’t mind.

P1500843-1 Current price now is MYR3.00 for small, MYR3.50 for medium and MYR 4.00 for large. Wan tan only with soup is MYR3.00. The stall is located just right behind Apong Guan’s stall, next to Union Primary School and operating from around 11:00am onwards to late afternoon.

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chiariyees said...

if not mistaken, this stall is quite famous right? as told by a friend staying in Pg too.