Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Banana Leaf Rice at Passions of Kerala (Innira’s), Brown Garden, Gelugor

There are few branches of Passions of Kerala in Penang. The one I normally patronised is the one in Brown Garden, Gelugor. The other 2 I know off it the one in Service Road (been there twice, and read many reviews of the bad service) somewhere behind Northam Hotel and a nicer outlet in New World Park (if you prefer a nicer dining experience with slightly higher price).

But so far, I have not faced any service issue with them *touch wood*. Regular order will be the vegetarian set (MYR4.50) with sides dishes (priced separately). This round, I went with a few colleagues.


This place is quite packed both during lunch and dinner. And it’s a small outlet, a more manageable one. Food was served up very fast, by first laying the banana leaves on the tables, and then sides dishes are placed very fast on the banana leaves… next comes the rice..


Then, curry are poured onto the steaming hot rice, with papadams distributed, all on a banana leave. It somehow gives more feel to it by eating all everything on a banana leaves… rather than being serves all separately on different plates (it somehow feels more formal, of course more proper)


The side dishes are served shortly… everything happens in fast movements and before you know it… the table is filled with your complete order.


I ordered the chicken masala… a generous amount of chicken pieces with yummy masala curry and the chicken was fresh and tender. I made the right choice.. :D The mutton masala is actually not bad too… and the yummy fried chicken… but tummy is not allowing too much in take at once.. so, a choice must be made, chicken masala that is, and fried chicken the next round and mutton masala another round :P


The other 2 colleagues order fried fish… the fish piece is not that big but my colleagues mentioned that it is nice and flavourful.

P1500176-1Another colleagues ordered the sambal fish, which is also a favourite. It is fried fish cooked with sambal and lots of onions…Good thign we only ordered a side dish each cos we were all stuffed! On few of my visits, we would ordered deep fried battered ladies fingers/bitter gourd/squid. The Indian version of tempura… haha… and it’s more flavourful too as the batter, I believe is mixed with some tumeric and curry powder. Side dishes are actually served in a more “cincai” manner compare to the ones in New World Park, each and every dish are served in banana leaves. But as long as the food is good, presentation does not actually bother me much…


Banana and apple lassi was also good….

   P1500178-1 P1500180-1

We were also served milk payasam. It is a rich milk dessert that has creamy texture and comes with cashew nut, raisins, sago, gram, vermicelli(not sure what type of vermicelli though) and with a hint of star anise aroma. Frankly speaking, I do not know how to enjoy this… :P


Today’s special is everyday’s special :P The board has been this way for many years.. haha..

P1500185-1 P1500191-1

Front of the small humble outlet…

P1500189-1And there’s a hot orange 1969 Ford Mustang for sale outside the restaurant.. hahaha…

Passions of Kerala (Innira’s Banana Leave Restaurant)
5, Lorong Endah 4,
Tmn Brown, Gelugor,
11700 Penang.
Contact: 04-657 8550 (Gary G.V. Nair, Managing Director)
Business hours: 12:00noon – 3:30pm; 6:30pm – 10:30pm (7 days a week)

New World Park Outlet
102 Lot C3
New World Park
Jalan Burma
10050 Georgetown
Phone: +60 4 2272550

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