Sunday, June 6, 2010

Carrot & Walnut Cake

Well, it has been a while now.. more than a month I did not log in any posts… have been busy… lazing… procrastinating..  and more and more posts pending… even my finale on my hong kong trip back in January is not posted yet… tsk tsk tsk…

And this cake was baked like… i mean steamed… haha.. prolly in April for a hiking outing with a group of friends to Kerachut Beach… anyways, would still like to share the recipe though… I have an orange cake I baked too, but did not really favour it.. so might not post it la.. :P


So again I got the ingredients and the premix from Bonjour Trading, where I got my American Chocolate Cake premix from… instead of 180 gm butter + 80 gm sunflower oil, i used up the full block of butter instead ler… easier.. :P and use 100 gm walnuts instead of half half with raisins… I think it would be nice too if there were raisins.. but walnuts came in a pack of 100gm, so might as well ler :P all on my convenience… muahahaha…


So there your go.. all the ingredients, premix flour, butter, eggs, walnuts and of course carrots!

P1300992 Crack eggs in a bowl….  can crack one by one into the mixer directly also ler :D


Crush the walnuts in to tiny bits…..

P1300993Grate  carrots to thin shreds…. and as per instruction, soft the butter and placed it in the mixer bowl, pour in the flour and the eggs, mixed on speed no.2 for 4 minutes, then add in the carrots and walnuts (raisins if you decided to put in some) and mixed well…

Boil the water in the steamer, and line the mixture in a well greased 9” round pan, steam for 35 minutes! make sure the water is boiling when you place the pan in… and DO NOT open the steamer lid until end of the 35 minutes… so make sure your water is sufficient else you will burn your steamer…


Yummy carrot and walnut cake ready… and because I steamed the cake… it’s very moist… and it somehow tasted a bit like banana cake though… hmm.. i wonder if the premix is a correct one… but overall, it is still a nice one..  I personally still feel that American chocolate cake is the best :D

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