Monday, June 7, 2010

Black Pepper Udon

Cooked black pepper udon for dinner today….. just grab anything i can find in the fridge and throw everything in the pan and fry…

P1320257 I used sausages, crabsticks, sweet peas, carrots, cabbages and some prawns… with lotsa garlic and onions… :D the only black pepper sauce i have is Lee Kum Kee’s although i sometimes prefer to use Life’s… Life’s cheaper too!  But i felt that for oriental touch, Lee Kum Kee’s better… Life’s play a better role in western cos the sauce is like creamy in a way…


I just soak the udon in boiling water while I stir fry all the ingredients… then in the udon and black pepper sauce… stir the sauce evenly, and viola…. black pepper stir fry udon! Easy peasy!

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