Monday, July 21, 2008

Yea yea.. I know.. gone missing bad...

Haha.. I'm back.. yes again... and I still have not posted anything about my Bangkok trip, my KL trip, my KL training, and good news, mom is feeling so much better now she can joke and laugh real loud now! Yay! But mom, you should just stop gardening at the moment, sit and enjoy the flowers, no touchie!!

And I should just start slowly with my Bangkok trip photos... so lazy wanna edit or put any watermark d, wakaka... i'm just gonna load it anyway... so people, if you see the exact same photos elsewhere, you know where they steal it from... wakakakaka....

Okies.. i have like 50 folders of photos of different occasion diff dates to post.. so we'll slowly countdown from the day of me leaving for my first ever international trip with friends... woo hoo~

in the next post ya~ :P

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