Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008-0507 BKK DAY 1 - Departing from PEN International Airport

In this post and the following ones are gonna be less words, cos the lazy me, just got time to load photos and let the photos do the talking :P

Be warned! loads of photos coming your way :P beep beep!


My childhood friend and travel buddy, Ah Goh


My childhood friend, Memek ( wahaha.. her name is Sui Ying), Goh's colleague, Chooi Yee, also my travel buddies....

P1270384Checked in, passport and supermarket-receipt-like-boarding pass ready...

P1270385edit P1270386edit All excited for the journey to start!! P1270388edit FD 3542 - PEN - BKK

P1270390editP1270392editP1270397edit P1270393edit P1270394edit

Ms Vain, ME and Memek, my 5 nights roomie


Penang bridge view from the sky!

P1270403editP1270404edit P1270405editP1270406editP1270407edit

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