Saturday, January 1, 2011

Porridge at home..

Went home the other day and dad cooked porridge with some fish dish… can’t remember what;s the name but i saw in one of his recipe book (that’s what I do when i get home usually… flip over dad’s cook books.. he have loads of them!!)… haha.. must be another experiment dish of his… :D


Fragrant plain porridge with 2 types of dishes… same fish..

P1410842-1 I forgot the name of the fish, but it’s the type which is little and you can actually eat it whole witht he soft little tiny bones… this one was cooked with salted egg yolk… and it’s kinda flavourful and yummy..

P1410844-1This is a spicier version… with chilies and sesame seed… I choked a little when i first had it cos it was spicy!! But it was both nice… whatever dad cooks, it’s always nice :D

P1410863-1 And yes, with that one bowl of porridge, I finished both dishes…  hebat leh… :P

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