Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008!

Happy New Year peopleeeeee!!!
I just got back from clubbing and suppose to be asleep now... but just washed my hair.. i guess i have to wait... else like the old ppl say.. if i sleep with my hair still wet, later i'll become "thao hong" ... become gila.. in another word :P

I had a great time just now with my girl friends.. it has been a while since we last come out to party and have fun all night long... well.. the crowd had definitely got smaller and smaller... oh well.. i do miss the great times i had during study years where there's no worries at all... but last nite was wonderful too...

We had dinner at Babylon Beach Blanket.. cos were too kiasu.. scared no parking if we arrive late at upper penang road.. and we arrived before 9.. parking cost us only RM5 at E&O compared to the people who reached after 9, i think they paid a hefty RM25 for the parking! Muahaha.. So this is one of the decent place to have a meal.. pretty disappointing though the food.. presentation wise okay, taste was.. urm.. not very impressive... starters were okay, pie tee and laksa lemak soup, mains pretty much spoil it all... we had only 2 choice for mains, or was it three.. gosh, i'm getting old i tend to forget things.. shiet... anyways, the mains we ordered were chicken and salmon... not impressed.. really.. good thing it was saved by the yummy rich mango-something-i-forgot-the-name cake!

Then we proceeded to Momo to find.. we have to share our tables with like 2 other groups and ahh.. for the first time... i've been surrounded with a lot of not very straight guys... and when i say a lot.. i mean REALLY A LOT! even the 2 groups sharing our tables are not straights. but i love gays.. they are nice people.. so it didn't bothered me much :P but never really thought there are so many of them here..

Anyhow, gotta meet Goh for lunch later, so i should get my slumber now... ZZzzzz

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