Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Dong Zhi 2007!!

Went out to meet my ex colleagues for a drink this afternoon.. and one of them, Yvonne, being such a darling, packed me some "tang yuan" (glutinuos rice balls) since i did not go back hometown for the weekend....

Yea, i know, no playing with your food... but the pastel coloured balls are so attractive that i scoop some on the soup spoon and made them look like some pretty flowers.. tooks lots of photos :P okay.. now i sound like too obsessed d... i'm not.. Yvonne helped her mom made this yummy tang yuan.. thanks yvonne and her mommy!

We went to Gurney and decided to just hang out at Chilis, have some drinks and snack while catching up with each other....

This needs to be done more often... looking forward to the next meet up!

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